Pole Update: Sprinklers, are they for me?

sprinkler demonstration

Many of you posted your thoughts over the past week regarding Residential Fire Sprinklers in new homes.  Many of my peers in the construction industry argue that they will add too much cost to new homes and that the consumer will not pay for the added protection.  In our poll last week, over 84% of our respondents said they wished they had sprinklers in their home or they would be willing to pay for the upgrade.  0% said that they would rather spend the money on a deck or Granite counter tops for the kitchen.  Gold Seal is committed to providing safer living environments;  please spread the word to any friends considering a new home to ask for sprinklers.  They are easy to install and they will save lives!  The facts are: over 3000 people die each year due to residential fire and over 15000 are injured.  Sprinklers give you and your family the time they need to get out in the event of a fire.


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