sprinkler Myth-conceptions

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Lately, I have been reading many on-line misconceptions surrounding the issue of residential sprinklers in homes.  There are many common myths and bad information is as easy to find on the internet as good information.  For this reason I will stick to the facts.  Over the next few days I will submit verifiable information supporting the arguement for Residential Fire Sprinklers in new homes.

Let’s lay the groundwork: (Statistics taken from US National Fire Statistics (USFA).  Canadian Fire statistics are not collected in the same manner as US statistics and are therefore not as accessable.  I have found that the Ontario Fire Marshall’s data trends on a parallel path to US numbers.

1. Between 2004-2008 there were  2,036,517 reported fires in US

2. $35,909,000,000 in property losses

3. 69,485 people injured as a result of these fires

4. 14,575 Fatalities

During that same time period in the province of Ontario alone, there were 425 deaths! (statistics from the Ontario Fire Marshall).

Later this week I will address the following myths:

1. Smoke detectors provide enough protection from fire

2. The damage from sprinklers will be worse that the fire

3. Sprinkler systems are too expensive

Stay tuned-stay safe!


One response to “sprinkler Myth-conceptions

  1. To put these deaths in perspective, the American military has lost a total of 5539 soldiers during the iraq and afganistan conflicts (wikipedia) between 2001-present. Our militaries take great effort to protect their people as they are put in harm’s way. Can we do the same for the average citizen that is dying at a much faster rate?

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