Green stocking stuffer ideas for 2010

Deciding on the perfect gift to give your loved ones during the holiday season can be challenging—so here are some  green stocking stuffer products to give you some ideas.  These suggestions—the gifts outlined below—will help your family and friends reduce their environmental impact, or treat themselves a little this season with more sustainable, environmentally-friendly or socially conscious products.


WWF-Canada: Wildlife Adoption: Northern Leopard Frog

WWF-CanadaWWF-Canada suggests supporting a frog as a gift this holiday season! A WWF-Canada Northern Leopard Frog Wildlife Adoption Package helps support the amphibian species, which has been designated as endangered in the B.C. region. Your loved one will receive a stuffed animal, a personalized adoption certificate, a letter that identifies you as the gift giver, as well as information on the work that the gift will help support.

For more information, visit WWF-Canada online.




LUSH Fresh Cosmetics: Candy Cane Bubble Bar

LUSH Fresh CosmeticsLUSH’s candy cane-scented vegan bubble bar is inspired by the favourite holiday treat. Crumble the bar under running water for comforting vanilla-scented bubbles in your bath. The product is handmade and doesn’t come in plastic bottles or other disposable packaging.

The Candy Cane Bubble Bar is available at LUSH store at Cross Iron Mills or online at

For more information, visit the LUSH online store.


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