Dual flush toilets – save the world by flushing less water

Water efficient 6L toilets are available in many municipalities. A family of three would expect to save approximately 37L per day by replacing standard toilets with a 6L model. (CMHC Dec. 2006)  Whether you are on a well or on municipal water, water savings can lessen the impact you make on the environment and reduce your water bills.  The amount of water you save will depend on:

  1. the flush volume of the existing toilet; and
  2. how often the toilet is flushed

For example, if you are replacing a toilet that flushes with 6L with a dual flush model, and the toilet is used 8 times per day, in a household of three people, you would expect a savings of 37.44 L/day. For example,

(6L/flush x .26%) x 8 flushes/day x 3 people = 37.44 L/day.

Yearly per household: 37.44 L/day x 365 days = 13665 L/year

Let’s suppose that Carstairs grows at a rate of 50-70 households per year for the next 4 years; 

From 2011-2014

House built in 2011; 13665 x 50 houses x 4 years = 2,733,120 litres

House built in 2012; 13665 x 50 houses x 3 years = 2,049,840 litres

House built in 2013; 13665 x 50 houses x 2 years = 1,366,560 litres

House built in 2014; 13665 x 70 houses x 1 years = 956,592 litres

Therefore at the end of 2010 this would save up to 7,106,112 litres of fresh water!

Gold Seal Homes Budgets an average production for their company at 20 homes per year.  Their contribution alone will be approximately 2.7 million litres of fresh water saved over the next four years.

Cost / 1000 L for treated water to the Carstairs Resident = $2.03

Average yearly cost saving / year = 13665 L/yr * $ .00203 = $ 27.70 / yr


Cost / 1000L to treat waste water =   $1.45 * 40% = $.58/1000 L            

Cost savings in the next 4 years = 7,106,112 L * $ .00058/L = $ 4,121.54


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