cafe opens in carstairs

Jason , Sheldon & Karina

Now you don’t have to drive to ‘Farbucks’ in Airdrie or Tims in Olds to get your java fix.  Sheldon, Jason & Karinna have recently opened a cafe just west of the Bank Of Montreal in Carstairs.  They will be offering early morning coffee (normal, hi-test, and specialties) for the commuter crowd.  I can barely get mine finished by the time I get to work (1 minute commute is the benefit of living and working in town, but I digress…).  Also on the menu are daily lunch specials and soup du jour.  Bring your friends over for a cup of joe or a treat.  The proprietors have done an excellent job restoring all the original hardwood finishes in this historic building, and they are the friendliest people you will find around.  Truly a Gem of Carstairs!

Hours of operation: M-F 6am to evening

Location: Osler Street (just west of the Bank of Montreal)

Listen to some great talent at:


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