Under slab insulation – is it needed?


Effects of underslab insulation

I met Robert Bean last year at a sustainability Speaking engagement in Toronto last year.  Robert is a great source of information on better building practices revolving around indoor air quality and healty heating methods.  I will be posting information from his website in future blogs as they pertain to Gold Seal Homes and our building philosophy.  We have added underslab insulation for in-floor heat applications to our 2011 spec.  Read Robert’s article to see why this is important.

Robert: “We’ve been doing a fair amount of re-digging (pun intended) into the under slab insulation debate and will be writing more about this topic later. In the meantime we’ve been modeling steady state conditions for heated slabs on and below grade with and without insulation.” You can see more of these simulations and read our current opinions at this new page: Should you fully insulate under concrete slabs on or below grade?


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