Time to make a change

Feeling groggy in the morning, having headaches…maybe your furnace filter needs to be changed!

What Airborne Particles are Found in Your Home?

The particles you breathe in your home come from a variety of sources including:

  • dust on floors or other surfaces that is disturbed by activity in the house
  • dust generated by smoking, burning candles, cooking, doing laundry, etc.
  • hair and skin flakes from humans or pets
  • particles from the outside air which come into your home with infiltrating air

Some particles are so small that they are inhaled and then exhaled without being trapped in your lungs. Some larger particles are trapped in your nose and throat and never reach your lungs. Still other particles are too large to be inhaled.The particles most dangerous to you are those that enter your lungs and lodge there. (CMHC)

Here’s a great video that showes you how to size and change your filter:



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