Let there be light..not rain

Skylights leak!

I like to tell my clients that it is not a case of if the skylights will leak, but when they will leak. This is mainly due to our climate, but also inherent difficulty in installation, in a tricky situation. This is not to say that skylights should never be installed, but you should be aware that at some point you will have to deal with the leakage and do repairs and regular maintenance to prevent this from happening or continuing, once occurring.

An annual inspection of the metal flashings and sealants used around the skylight should be done in early spring.  Remember to work with a partner when going up on your roof.  Make sure the ladder is in good repair and is long enough to extend 4′ past the level your are ascending to.  Have your partner hold your ladder, or better still, tie it off to secure it from sliding along the eave.

Our climate causes materials that are dissimmilar to expand & contract at different rates more often than in more temperate climates.  This process can happen over 30 times dueing the winter season.  Eventually sealants wera down and this is where the water will or can enter.  You may wish to inspect the shingles that overlap the metal flashings as well.  If you suspect a potential leak, consult with your builder or local roofing contractor for advice on how to remedy the problem.  Gold Seal Homes would be more than happy to recommend a local reputable contractor to assist you.


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