Breathe Better

Did your breathing sound like Darth Vader this winter?  Maybe there are some things that can be done around the house to improve the situation.

Improved indoor air quality is a very important aspect of new home construction.  As Home builders build ‘tighter’ envelopes in a quest for increased energy efficiency, the necessity to exchange or purify bad air in the home increases.  Gold Seal Homes does a number of things to ensure good air quality in our new homes including power cleaning the HVAC system (heating vents), installing a HEPA filter on the furnace, installing a Humidifier, and limiting products used in construction that may have harmful materials in them.  Here are some homeowner tips to keep your air clean and healthy.

1. Inspect your furnace filter monthly and replace when necessary.  This will improve the air you breath and improve the efficiency of your furnace

2.Inspect the condition of your humidifier pad.  (if it is clogged with minerals you can clean it with CLR) (see Water Deposit Blues blog – March 8th)

3. You may wish to have your vents cleaned.  Many of our customers do this every year or so.  (we use James at Flanagan’s Furnace & Duct Cleaning 403.272.0560)

4. During the winter months, air does not get exchanged due to the fact that windows are seldom opened.  On warmer days you may wish to run your air exchanger or summer fan for 45-60 minutes to exhaust the stale air from your home and bring in fresh air.  Do this on a chinook day when it is not going to cost a fortune to heat up the new air.

5. Many people often to forget to vacuum under their beds.  this is a great place for dust/dander/and other nasties to collect.

May the Force be with you!


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