Get ready for spring-Lawn Care 101

The Carstairs Engagement Site is offering 4 great information sessions on Lawn & Garden care in the coming weeks.

  • April 20 Organic Lawn Care 101 How to get your grass off drugs!!
  • May 4 Fruit and Berry Growing for Central Alberta You can grow fruits and

berries! Which species, where and how to grow it, for our climate.

  • May 11 Soil 101 Learn how to recognize, assess and amend your particular soil using

organic techniques for the home gardener.

  • May 18 Edible Gardening It can look pretty and be edible! Smart garden design

and species for food production in your yard.


Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm (all sessions)

Location: Carstairs Community Engagement

To Register : Jan Thompson VC Coordinator 403-337-3953 or email

1402 Scarlett Ranch Blvd. Carstairs Community Engagement Site (Library Entrance)


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