The Café Radio

The local, family ran café opened its doors; January 3, 2011 they are located at 1112 Osler Street, Carstairs, hours are Monday-Friday 6-6.

Jason and Sheldon Valleau have always talked about having a little coffee shop. “When we walk into a building that’s old, we don’t have the heart to cover it up” said Jason.  With Sheldon’s design and good fortune they stripped down the past 100 years to reveal its original personality.

Researching the origin of the building has uncovered that there had been on separate occasions 2 fires destroying the Histories of Carstairs, but have established the 1901 building was once Downie-Aldrich Lumber Co. and has gone through a wide variety of different stores (deli, TV repair shop, bakery, gift shop and CIR Realty) and is now filled with the aroma of coffee, homemade soup, sandwiches and desserts. It’s great for all ages and they now have a liquor license.

The brothers having played in many coffee shops around the world as a touring band “The Polyjesters” and by living in France got into the coffee culture. Then the Mountain View Music Festival started happening and the Broadcast Radio so they decided to put their roots down.  Being community orientated and having a range of cultures decided The Café Radio would be the home for it all.


2 responses to “The Café Radio

  1. I have had the pleasure of eating at the Cafe’ Radio, the food and atmosphere is fabulous. I will defiantly be returning.

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