Is my House Making Me Fat?

A good example of a poor storage solution

  Storage…The topic not thought enough of when you build a home.
A quick drive through virtually any community and you’ll see that most people are not using their garage to park their cars. Why?
A look inside will probably show you that the garage is chock full of stuff…stuff that has nowhere to ‘live’ inside the home.
No shed? Well, then naturally the garage is home to power tools, snowblowers, weed whackers, gardening stuff, outdoor toys. Add to that: rug shampooers, sporting equipment, camping equipment, artificial trees, lights and Christmas decorations, strollers, wagons, and assorted outgrown kid-related paraphenalia from high chairs to exersaucers.
On the list goes and more and more stuff migrates to the garage. Things like off-season clothing, extra linens and towels, little used kitchen appliances, board games, all the ‘al fresco’ room/patio living stuff.
You get the picture….All of our stuff of living can overwhelm us and make our homes cluttered and lacking harmony.
When you build your next home make sure you think of your liveable space considering your lifestyle and the storage space you’ll need.  Organizational guru Peter Walsh authored the book “Does this Clutter make my Butt Look Fat“. When writing this book he was shocked to discover that there was actually a correlation between physical clutter and packing around some extra pounds. If that fact alone doesn’t give you the motivation to develop some organization systems in your life; then do if for the time you’ll save. Consider how much time we waste running around looking for where we put our stuff. Now think of this what if you’d factored in adequate storage areas when you built your home.
It’s coming into garage sale season and whickh is a great time for spring cleaning,  purging and organizing.

-Tracy Pound


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