Grass Recycling=Better Lawn

Grass-cycling is the process of recycling grass clippings by leaving them on your lawn. It saves time, reduces waste and leads to a deeper, healthier root system that increases your lawn’s resistance to disease, drought, and insects.

Grass-cycling improves lawn quality. When grass clippings are allowed to decay naturally on the lawn, they release valuable nutrients, add water-saving mulch, and encourage natural soil aeration by earthworms.

Grass-cycling saves time and work. A recent study in the United States found that 147 homeowners who quit bagging their clippings saved an average of 35 minutes per mowing. That’s an average of seven hours per season, or a day at the beach!

All lawnmowers can grass-cycle, no special mower is needed. For best results, keep the mower blade sharp and mow only when the grass is dry.

As a follow up to yesterday’s blog, the Town of Carstairs also recommends recycling your grass clippings: ‘Grass clippings are a free, high-nitrogen fertilizer. When clippings decompose, they release their nutrients back to the lawn. They contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, as well as lesser amounts of other essential plant nutrients. When left on the lawn, clippings are rapidly brokendown into these nutrients, which are returned to the lawn. There’s no polluting run-off, no use of non-renewable resources, and no damage to soil, organisms or wildlife.’

For more information on grass-cycling, contact the Town Office (403.337.3341).


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