Don’t you dare forget Mom!

Sparkling DahliaMother’s day is this weekend, and if it has snuck up on you don’t panic!  I have some local solutions for you. Here’s what you do, in six stops you’ve got everything covered and you don’t have to leave town.

  1. Register for Sunday Brunch at the Carstairs Golf Course: 337-3382
  2. You can order flowers at The Sparkling Dahlia: 337-5882
  3. Splurge on  a Gift Card at Carstairs Pharmasave: 337-3044
  4. Find her a special gift at The Only One Under The Sun: 337-3682
  5. Rent her favorite movie at 5-star video: 337-3703
  6. Lastly, stop by Café Radio and bring her home a latté: 337-8008

Now you’re covered, I hope your Mom appreciates the effort I put into this for you.;)


One response to “Don’t you dare forget Mom!

  1. very popular mother’s day brunch is likely booked. Keep in mind for next year but any day can be declared a salute to Mom and take her to PaSu’s famous brunch or pop next door and browse their gift shop

    7 minute drive away in Didsbury is home to “Gorgeous” which boasts unique gifts and decor.

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