Go ahead Elvis, trash your TV

If Elvis were still alive today, (many believe he still is) he would have an excellent green option for all those bullet ridden TVs. 

Did you know there is a free of charge facility in Airdrie that you can drop off your TV, Computer or other electronic devices and they will recycle them. eCycle Solutions  operates some of the most advanced and secure electronic and electrical equipment recycling facilities in North America and provides environmentally friendly, secure and transparent recycling solutions for WEEE products. They hold approved processor status under the stewardship programs of Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

Founded in 2005, eCycle is the largest wholly Canadian owned electronics recycler. eCycle Solutions operates 6 facilities in five provinces and offers a truly national solution for disposal of eWaste and surplus electronic and electrical equipment. In 2010, they processed nearly 50 million pounds of material across Canada.

eCycle is located at 134 East Lake Blvd. In Airdrie and have drop off locations at all Best Buy and Future Shop locations

For those of you who require a little more technical info:


• ISO 14001 Registration at each of our facilities – currently ISO registered in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

• All eCycle Solutions facilities will be ISO 14001 and 9002 registered by the end of 2011.

• Stantec environmental and performance audit / certification for ARMA

• SGS environmental and performance audit / certification for SWEEP, ESABC, ACES and OES

• Manufacturers Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition

• Western Canadian Auditing


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