Carstairs is a clean sweep!

Carstairs Operational Services will be street sweeping the following areas on the dates posted. Please remove vehicles off the road so we can clean your street. We may be in your area earlier or later then the date posted depending on weather. Thank you in your efforts to keep Carstairs a clean community.

May 16 to May 20

Miltford Lane, Murray Bay, Mountain View Gate, Monica Bay, Downie Close, Downie St, Pearson Place, Grey St, Centre St, Osler St, Hammond St, Nanton St, 10th Ave North, 11th Ave North, 12th Ave North, 13th Ave North

May 24 to May 27

McCrimmon Dr, MacIntosh Dr, McAlpine St, McApline Place, MacEwan Dr, 12th Ave South, 11th Ave South, Idaho St, MacEwan Place, McDonald Close, Wallace Dr, Idaho Place, West Highlands Place, West Highlands Crescent, West Highlands Bay, West Highlands Dr.

May 30 to June 3

Lackner Way, Scarlett Ranch Blvd, Ranch Road, Ranch Crescent, Meadow Park Dr, Meadow Park Place, Meadow Lark Lane, Carriage Lane Dr, Carriage Lane Road, Carriage Lane Crossing, 100 Carriage Lane Place, 200 Carriage Lane Place, 400 Carriage Lane Crescent, 500 Carriage Lane Place, 600 Carriage Lane Place, 700 Carriage Lane Way, 800 Carriage Lane Place, 900 Carriage Lane Place

June 6 to June 10

Champion Road, Village Green, Castle Dykes Court, Glen Eagles Dr, Rosemount Cr, Havenfield Dr, Mackenzie Way, McClung Gate, Goodard Close, Dallaire Dr, Bondar Gate, Garneau Gate, 9th Ave South, Nanton St East, Hammond St East, Osler St East, 9th Ave North, Highfield Dr, Highfield Gate


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