Better air quality through better building

We have talked this week about Carbon Monoxide and the effects it can have on occupants in the home, how to detect it and how to eliminate or reduce it within the home.

One thing we have left out is: What is Gold Seal Homes doing differently to protect our clients from CO and increase the air quality in our new homes:

  • We install a talking CO detector outside every sleeping area
  • All Furnaces and Hot water tanks have sealed combustion chambers that do not emit CO into the home
  • All Fireplaces are Sealed combustion and do not have a continuous pilot light
  • We use VOC (Volitile Organic compounds) free paints to eliminate toxic exposure
  • We use formaldehyde free insulation, cabinets and finishing materials
  • Installation of a HEPA approved filter on heating system
  • Heating system is power vacuumed prior to occupancy



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