Do you think we’re stupid?

‘On average, fire kills eight Canadians every week. Residential property fires account for 40% of all fires and a staggering 73% of all fire deaths.

In 2007, 22 fire fighters lost their lives battling fires.’*

There has been a long-standing debate over residential fire sprinklers in homes.  Should they be code?  Will it raise the price of new homes?  Will they actually save lives?  These are all good questions and the answer can change depending on the situation, location and customer needs.  The home building industry has a long-standing history of resisting change in this area.  18 months ago Gold Seal Homes asked the home builder’s association in Calgary to consider making it mandatory for builders to include sprinklers as an option in all new homes so that the homeowner could make an informed decision.  To date, no such resolution has come forward, nor are there any builders offering residential sprinklers in new homes as standard features in the Calgary area other than Gold Seal Homes.

Well, they must think the home buyer is really stupid.  This may sound flippant, but I contend that our clients are well-informed and intelligent and will choose safety 10 out of 10 times.  I contend that my clients are smart enough to put their socks on the proper foot each morning, brush their teeth and go to work to earn a good living.  They are smart enough to make good purchasing decisions each day when it comes to the food they eat, safe neighbourhoods for their children, the car they drive based on the safety features it presents.  Who would drive a vehicle without airbags these days?  Yet they were optional in many vehicles only 10 years ago!

Buy not offering residential sprinklers as an option to the new home buyer, the home building industry is not offering the full spectrum of choices to their clients.  They offer granite and hardwood, fireplaces and spa tubs, why not peace of mind?  The next time you are in the market to purchase a new home ask your builder to install sprinklers, they may save everything you have worked so hard for and more importantly, everything you love!

*(source: Fire Prevention Canada)


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