Gold Seal + Granite Worx = Beautiful countertops

click on image to view more surfaces

Ever wonder where those silky smooth, rich looking Granite countertops come from? 

Well it’s a quite a story. Our friend Gianni De Marchi of Granite Worx tells us : ‘The heart of our business is not granite or marble or quartz. Since 1982, we’ve been helping Albertans transform their homes, and create inviting spaces where they can gather with friends and family – and make memories that last.  We rejoice in our own family history, and a vibrant Italian culture that reveres the old and revels in the new. We’re proud of our tradition of craftsmanship. We’re equally passionate about our products’ natural beauty and enduring strength.

Like Gianni, we at Gold Seal are proud of traditions and have been offering beautiful homes in Carstairs since 1989.  “We have had a wonderful relationship with Granite Worx for years.” Murray Pound (Gold Seal Homes V.P. Operations) says. “The selection, quality and service is unparalleled and is a perfect reflection of our core company values.”
The Granite Worx website sums it all up: Our company is not our products. Other timeless qualities define us: warmth, respect, integrity, and above all, the character of our relationships. Taking care of our clients will always be the essence of our company.


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