Rain, rain, go away (thank you downspouts)

Wow have we had a  lot of rain this year.  I have heard from several people that they were surprised that they did not have much water in theri sump pits this year.  When questioned about the condition of their eaves, each person indicated that they had learned their lesson regarding proper downspout lengths and placement.  Here is an excerpt from the Alberta New Home Warranty website on the topic:
Eavestroughs convey bulk water to the downspouts and away from your home.  During a heavy rainstorm they can convey hundreds of gallons of water in a single a day.  It is important that eavestroughs are sloped towards the downspouts and clear of leaves, soil and debris.
The Connection Between Roof Drainage and Basement Leaks
A strong correlation exists between how water is managed coming off the roof and a problem-free, dry basement.  Surface drainage is far more efficient than weeping tile at conveying bulk water away from your basement.  Rainwater should be directed away from the perimeter of the home to reduce the opportunity for water to enter along basement walls.
• Downspouts that end on sod usually feature an extension along the ground to move bulk water away from the perimeter of the home along the surface.  The extensions must be in place and in their lowered position to move water away from the foundation.  Always return downspout extensions to their lowered positions after cutting lawns.
• Keep eavestroughs and downspouts free of obstructions such as leaves and paper. Surface particles from asphalt shingles, washed down by rains, often settle in gutters and reduce their efficiency. Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year.    Further information can be found at: The Alberta New Home Warranty Workmanship & Material Reference Guide, Section 1.11, http://www.anhwp.com  The Alberta New Home Warranty Program brochure “Surface Water Management” on the net at http://www.anhwp.com  The following are examples of lot grading requirements in communities in Alberta: City of Calgary, Lot Grading: – http://www.calgary.ca  and enter “Lot Grading” into the search area City of Edmonton, Residential Lot Grading  = http://www.edmonton.ca and click on ”Infrastructure and planning”  then “Water and Sewer Developments” then Residential Lot Grading Strathcona County – http://www.strathcona.ab and enter “Lot Grading” in the search area.

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