iPhone apps for the Home Building industry

I thought I would share some awesome free apps that we are using on our iPhones to build homes.  I’m sure you all have a bubble level on your phone by now but there are some others that make life a little easier.  I will give you a list of the one’s I have found to get you started.

Pitch Gauge 2.0 : hold your phone up in front of a roofline, and it tells you the pitch angle-too cool!

Favorite Conversions: need to convert feet to metres, or any other imperial to metric calculations.

iTorch4: turns your phone into a flashlight (very handy in the utility room)

Photosynth: create 360 degree photos ( fun to e-mail to our customers during production)

WeatherEye: Our most used app. (to see when we can expect rain/snow/sun et-cetera)

ScotiaBank Mortgage Calculator: Get current financing info on the go.

I’m sure you have found other apps that are terrific, be sure to share with us www.goldseal@goldsealhomes.com




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