Scouting history in Carstairs

The Scouts troop purchased the former school shop in 1955 and moved it to the southeast corner of the town’s park. As the years went by, a new building was in order and the Weber Scout Hall was completed in 1972.

Weber Hall was named after Wilf Weber who resides in Carstairs today. Wilf volunteered at the museum and the Half Century and was instrumental in the building of the Scout Hall. Wilf was very involved with the Scout movement over the years because he had two sons who were Scouts. When the new building was erected in 1972 it was Wilf along with many other fathers who built the Scout Hall. Wilf volunteered many years in the town at the museum as well as the Half Century Club. Carstairs is fortunate to have citizens that give sacrificially of their time to make our town a wonderful place in which to raise our families. Thank you Wilf Weber.

Local Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and leaders now meet at the Weber Scout Hall in Carstairs Memorial Park. The Scouts Canada program is for both boys and girls ages 5 – 21. For information, or to book the hall, please contact Pat Markley at 403-337-3558.


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