Aug. 5: International Beer Day, Join the celebration

Beer DayOh Homer would be proud, a day set aside on our busy schedule to honour his favourite beverage.  It’s true, since 2007, Aug 5 has been declared international Beer Day.  You may ask yourself, what is the relevance of a blog that highlights a day dedicated to Beer?  Well, why not, we all look forward to sitting out on our back deck and sharing a pint or two with friends on those hot summer days, and we at Gold Seal take pride in offering some of the best venues for such events in town.

The Mountain View Music Festival will feature a Beer Garden this weekend where our wonderful locally produced Big Rock Brewery products will be dispensed…yum!

Whether you’re a lager lover or a cask ale connoisseur, August 5th plays host to another yearly installment of Beer Day – the perfect opportunity for beer brewers, sellers and buyers to raise their frosty glasses in celebration of the oldest, and most popular alcoholic beverage on the planet! Founded in 2007, Beer Day is now five years old and is consistently getting bigger and bigger every year.

Bars, restaurants and pubs all over the world join in with the celebration, so it’s easier than ever to show your appreciation for the people who brew beer, and those who make it available for us all to drink on that parched summer’s afternoon.

To get involved with Beer Day, check out their official website.


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