OMG, My basement floor is cracking!

In Alberta, it is common to find basement floor cracks.  Random cracks result due to normal shrinkage and underlying soil movement due to seasonal temperature changes.  Alberta New Home Warranty suggests that if a crack should exceed 3mm (1/8 inch) in width, it should be repaired.  The same is true for Garage floor cracks.

Concrete floors naturally dehydrate during the curing process often resulting in surface cracks.  If a repair is necessary, the Warranty Program accepts variation in colour and surface texture.

There are many epoxy and water-based crack repair products that are easily found at your local hardware stores.  Check with your builder or concrete finisher for recommended products.  Many of these products can be simply placed into the cleaned crack area with a putty knife and leveled easily.  Some products are available in liquid form and will ‘chase’ down into the fissure.

If you see that a floor crack has a vertical difference from one side of the crack to the other of more than 10mm (3/8 “) the ANHWP recommends the following repair process: Differential should be ground smooth and an acceptable topping coating should be applied.

In all instances, we want our clients basements to look as good as possible.  After any repairs have been conducted it is often acceptable to paint the concrete surfaces with a concrete paint that can be tinted to an attractive finish.  This will cover the repair areas and be more pleasing to the eye.


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