Energy saving tips for your Fridge

So you finally made the decision to get rid of your old kitchen relic and invest in a new refrigerator. Just by plugging in your new appliance you are already saving money. According to Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), if you replaced your old fridge from 1990 with a new ENERGY STAR® qualified model, you would save more than 666 kWh of energy, saving up to $67 a year. With an average estimated life of 18 years, that means a total savings of $1,206. That’s a lot of extra money to put towards a nice vacation!


• Keep it clean – Clean the condenser coils regularly so air can circulate. If dust builds up on a refrigerator’s coils, air can’t circulate freely so the motor works harder and uses more electricity.
• Be quick – Whether you’re stocking your fridge after a trip to the grocery store or grabbing your ingredients to make a meal, don’t leave the door open longer than necessary.
• Temperature setting – Set your refrigerator’s temperature between 1.7°C (35°F) and 3.3°C (38°F) and the freezer at –18°C (0°F) for maximum efficiency and food safety.
• Seal it tight – Test the door seals periodically to make sure they are clean and tight. They should hold a slip of paper snugly, so test it and if the paper slips out easily, replace the seals.
• Lighten the load – It’s good to have a full fridge, just don’t overfill it because restricted air circulation reduces energy efficiency.

If you want to see your energy conservation working to save you money, use this handy energy cost calculator for new appliances

Look for the ENERGY STAR(r) symbol.  It shows the product meets the ENERGY STAR(r) guidelines for energy efficiency


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