Using a Pumpkin Carving Template!

Tips on how to use a template:

Templates are a great way to create that perfect Jack-O-Lantern!  Here are some useful tips Tanya has found a few really cool links for templates that you and your family can use…Have fun!

1. Cover the back of the paper template with graphite by scribbling over the lines with a pencil. Then tape template with graphite-scribbled side next to the pumpkin. Trace the template image onto the pumpkin with a ballpoint pen. The pressure from the pen will cause the graphite to transfer onto the pumpkin.

2. Place a sheet of tracing paper between the printed template and pumpkin, and tape both to the pumpkin. Then, trace the template image onto the pumpkin with a ballpoint pen.

3. A third option is to tape the template to the pumpkin then transfer the pattern by repeatedly poking small holes through the template’s design with a wooden skewer, nail or other sharp, pointed object. Another handy tool for transferring a pattern by poking holes is called a template wheel. These are found in many pumpkin-carving kits and make pattern transfer quick and easy.

4. Use the newly transferred lines as your carving guide.

Here are some links for some templating ideas: Country PumpkinFor KidsMore Templates


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