Would you like Green, Safe & Quiet interior doors?

Gold Seal Homes has been offering semi-solid & solid core doors as a standard feature for over 10 years in our new homes.  The advantage has always been a straighter, heavier feeling door.  However there are other attributes that a home buyer should consider when specifying the door for their new home.  Masonite’s Safe ‘N Sound™ door is also safer and ‘greener’ than a typical hollow core door. 

Masonite claims on their website that the Safe ‘N Sound a solid core interior passage door made with DorCor will meet the need of the environmentally conscious customer who isn’t under the regulations established by program developing agencies.  Masonite’s standard Safe ‘N Sound door has always contained several “Green” attributes.  Every Safe ‘N Sound door is constructed with wheat-straw based DorCor and therefore contains Rapidly Renewable content, Post-Industrial Recycled content and low emitting for Formaldehyde using ASTM test methods.

Furthermore, Masonite’s doors have a High STC (sound transmission coeficient) that reduces the amount of sound that will travell through the door.  With regard to safety, the doors also carry a 20 minute fire rating as a minimum.


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