Am I glad I put on my winter tires….

After a couple of trips to Edmonton last week, I sure could tell the difference between my ‘All-Season’ radials and my Winter radials.  Over the past week, I lost track of the vehicles I saw in the ditch.  Winter tires will reduce your stopping distance and allow you to maintain better control of your vehicle while on slippery surfaces.  I recommend purchasing a second set of steel rims to allow for easy change-up between seasons.  If you commute, do yourself a favour and invest in some good quality winter tires.

Here are a few places to get them in and around Carstairs:

RE Tire (Rod) 1123 Hammond St. Carstairs 403-337-3450

Carstairs Tire Services 738 Highfield Dr  Carstairs (403) 337-3779

Kal Tire – Crossfield  1001 Laut Avenue Crossfield (403) 946-4343


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