Have you looked Behind The Paint?

Many of our readers have already visited our newest web site-BehindThePaint.ca . For those of you who have not it is a home buyer friendly, self-help web site recently developed by Gold Seal Master Builder.  It’s purpose is to allow Gold Seal customers quick access to answers of common home operational questions.  Gold Seal staff have produced a series of informative videos and articles that our clients can view in the comfort of their own home or at work. We have had responses from other useres who do not have a Gold Seal Homes that are very positive, so take a look.

Videos include simple operation guidelines for Furnaces, Humidifiers, Hot water tanks, Garage doors et-cetera.  The articles include homeowner maintenance topics ( how to clean my siding, seal my driveway, or maintain my food disposal unit) and helpful information on lowering utility costs or planting a water-wise yard and garden.  Videos will be supported with QR code links in the home and our show homes so that the client can scan their hot water tank and get a real-time tutorial of how that device works…neat!


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