Christmas Day Safety Tips

Christmas is a day for enjoying our faith and all that it gives us.  My wish today is that you all enjoy a happy day, filled with joy and laughter. My gift this morning is the gift of safety;  read my 12 safety tips for Christmas as a gentle reminder.

1. Turn off the pilot light on your fireplace if you are hanging stockings above.  (children can place hands against the glass when reaching for their stockings)

2. Remember to water the Christmas tree (only the real ones)  to prevent them from drying out

3. Make sure your front walk is ice-free (don’t want your guests slipping and crushing your gift)

4. Kitchens are busy during Christmas day – turn pot handles in.

5. Keep children away from stove front while cooking the turkey.

6. Extinguish all candles before leaving the house.

7. Make sure space heaters are not next to the tree, presents, guest coats etc.



9.Turkey Facts – presents simple rules to follow in the kitchen to help you protect your family from food poisoning

10.Toy Safety – an Its Your Health fact sheet with tips to help you choose toys to keep children safe when they play.

11. Please do not remove batteries from you smoke or Carbon Monoxide detectors for you children`s toys.

12. Hug each friend, guest and family member at least once today.  It is hard to get hurt while hugging!


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