What does it mean to be SOLAR-READY?

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to interview Matt Schultz of Equinox Solar Technologies and discuss how his company can make Gold Seal Homes better, Behind the Paint.  Matt’s company offers a simple solution for builders, renovators or homebuyers who wish to ensure that their home is prepared for the future.

‘What does it mean to be ‘Solar-Ready’? A solar-ready home is a home that s built with the nessesary infrastructure roughed-in at early construction to accommodate the installation of solar equipment at a later date.

I still don’t get it…..Why would would you want to make your new home Solar-Ready? The majority of the costs endured to install solar equipment (Photovoltaic/Solar Hot water systems etc.) into your home are the actual installation costs, and not necessarily the equipment itself. Roughing-in the home to be solar-ready at the time of construction reduces the overall installation cost substantially, therefore making the entire installation far more economical. A small investment in the early stages of development will save thousands in the future when you are ready to purchase solar equipment.

Is anyone building ‘Solar-Ready’ homes right now? Absolutely! In fact, there are entire communities and neighbourhoods that are entirely solar-ready. Many municipalities across North America are mandating that new homes be constructed using Solar-Ready construction techniques. Being Solar-Ready not only makes sense for economically…but for the environment as well. Solar-Ready is the next evolutionary step in Built-Green construction.

As a Built Green builder, this technology makes sense to us at Gold Seal Homes and makes us eligible for two Built-Green Points! Who-Hoo!  We are so impressed with this idea that we will be showcasing the feature in our new Sales Centre and offering it as a feature in all of our 2012 model homes.

If you want to know more, contact Matt at matt@equinoxenergy.ca or follow him on Twitter: @EquinoxEnergy


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