Correct light fixture selection for dramatic effect

Once a new home is framed up it is time for the all important ‘electrical walk through’ process with our clients. This is where we introduce the home buyer to our electrical contractor and tour the home room by room to determine locations for plugs, lights and switches.

This is one of the many benefits of selecting a custom builder. The client is free to break away from the plan and get a little creative. With suggestions from the electrician and our staff, the client will have a better idea of how light will interrelate with the interior environment. Perhaps a few extra pot lights to accent a wall niche or setting a wall sconce at the proper height to illuminate a ceiling vault.

It is also at this point that dimmer switches and light fixture types can be selected to maximize efficiency without sacrificing the level of illumination.

The selection process also is a great time to place plug and switch locations for maximum effect. Have you ever wished that a plug was a little to the left or right?

In summary, walk throughs with a flexible custom builder that has long standing relationships with knowledgable trades, is a huge advantage when a home buyer wants a ‘perfect’ home. By the way, this is the part of our job we like the best; putting smiles on our customers faces!



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