Pink Shirt Day Campaign in Carstairs

Join us and show your support for a safer community by WEARING PINK on Wednesday February 29!

The Vision 4 Non-Violence Project Committee along with staff of the Towns of Carstairs & Didsbury, & Cremona, as well as students and staff of Hugh Sutherland School, Westglen, Didsbury High School, and Cremona will be wearing pink on Wednesday, February 29 ,2012 in support of “Pink Shirt Day’.

“Pink Shirt Day” began a  “Sea of Pink” campaign against bullying in schools in 2007 when two Nova Scotia students decided to take action in support of fellow student being harassed by bullies for wearing pink. They bought and supplied pink t-shirts for fellow schoolmates to wear to school the following day and word spread quickly via texts and emails etc, and hundreds of students showed up the next day at school wearing pink. As result “there’s been nary a peep from the bullies since” stated the action twosome, as a clear and loud message was received by the ‘would be’ bullies.

Since then, a tsunami of support has spread as “Pink Shirt Days” are being held in schools and communities all across North America. 

Read more about sea of pink:


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