Viking Group intruduces new ‘Spinkler Saves Blog’

Every day, all over the world, sprinkler systems are saving lives and property.  When a sprinkler successfully operates to control a potentially deadly fire, the event is unfortunately seldom reported in the media.  Sprinklers work quickly and efficiently to suppress a fire.

From the media’s perspective, there is often nothing to report … end of story.   Gold Seal and Viking employees know that the real story, the compelling story, is the potential tragedy that was averted. Viking is a supplier of fire sprinkler products in North America, and Gold Seal Homes has used some of their products in our homes.

To this end, when a “sprinkler save” takes place, we want to promote it.  Last year Viking Group created a new web page dedicated to highlighting and recording successful sprinkler activations.  Just since Thanksgiving, over 150 successful activations on the new “Sprinkler Saves” blog have been posted.

You can view the blog via the following link:, or by clicking on the orange “blogger” link from the top of our home page.  The format is quick and easy to read.  There is a concise headline, including the location of the save, and a brief one or two line description.  You can then click through to the media story for additional details.

 The ultimate goal is to influence how the media reports on successful sprinkler activations.  When a “sprinkler save” occurs, we want journalists to report on the lives and property that were saved by the sprinkler system.  When a fire occurs in a building without sprinklers, we want to media to ask why sprinklers weren’t installed.

 You can help bring more attention to our sprinkler successes by signing up to follow the “sprinkler saves” blog.  To sign up, click the “join this site” link on the lower right-hand side of the blog.  The more followers we have, the more exposure we will be able to generate.


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