Sprinkler Temperature Study

Temperature Sensor

Yesterday, Gold Seal Homes (in partnership with Uponor and TSM Plumbing) made the first step to dispel, once and for all, the myth that residential fire sprinklers will freeze in the attics of Canadian homes.  “We have been asked time and again about the possibility of failure due to cold weather”, Murray (V.P. Operations at Gold Seal Homes) explains.  “So we thought that we should find a way to collect data to show that water lines installed in attic spaces, that have been insulated to the code requirements, have no chance of freezing under extreme temperature conditions.”

In the test house, nine temperature sensors have been placed to collect and record temperature data every half hour of every day, year-long.  The data can then be analyzed to compare outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, attic temperature and water line temperature continuously.  We will collect this data for the next few months to ensure that everything is working properly.  Once we are satisfied that the data is valid, it  data can be offered up to an interested agencies (government or private sector) that wish to create reports or studies on this issue.

Many builder’s site a fear of water damage due to potential line failure. “If we can prove that there is no such danger, we are one step closer to help other builders and buyers with their comfort level surrounding the instalation of this life-saving technology in their homes.”

The sensors have been connected to CAT5e data lines that will feed into a server to transmit the daily data to Gold Seal Homes and Uponor.


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