R-2000 gets a facelift

R-2000: Leading the Industry

R-2000, the leading standard for energy-efficient new home construction, just got even better. The latest update to R-2000 means that homes built to the new 2012 R-2000 Standard are twice as energy-efficient compared with those built to the earlier Standard.

The key elements of R-2000 are:

  • A Technical Standard setting out stringent energy performance targets
  • R-2000 builder training and licensing requirements
  • A quality assurance system to evaluate, inspect and test every R-2000 house before, during and after construction
  • A sophisticated computer modelling program, HOT2000, to design and evaluate each home for optimal energy performance

R-2000 continues to have profound impact on the home building industry inCanada.

  • Every new home is influenced by the “house as a system” concept — the foundation for R-2000 construction — and benefits greatly from the technology and knowledge resulting from R-2000.
  • R-2000 is performance-based, giving builders the freedom to innovate and develop their own approach to achieving R-2000’s energy targets. The result is a dynamic approach to energy efficiency, indoor air quality and environmental responsibility that takes full advantage of innovations, new products and new ideas.
  • Hundreds of builders have been trained in R-2000 construction, making each one a better builder on every project — whether R-2000 or not.
  • The R-2000 standard is the reference point for virtually all “green” housing research and demonstration initiatives aimed at “pushing the envelope” beyond what’s available in the marketplace.
  • R-2000 is stimulating the development of new and innovative products and technologies, as manufacturers work with the industry to support advances in home building.
  • R-2000 continues to earnCanadaa worldwide reputation as a leader in energy-efficient housing and to pave the way for Canadian companies to export their knowledge, products and housing.

With the latest update, the 2012 R-2000 Standard is taking a huge leap forward, ensuring that it continues to lead the way to housing that’s better for homeowners, for the community and for the environment.

For more information on R-2000 or to find an R-2000 builder in your community, go to the website of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association at www.chba.ca or of the Office of Energy Efficiency at www.r-2000.nrcan.gc.ca.


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