Put your best face forward when selling your home

We all know that selling a home is difficult in a competitive market.  How do you make yours stand out in the crowd?  Well consider it like a job interview.  First impressions are important, and these days many buyers get their first impression from the listing photos on your Realtor’s  website.  Most importantly, make sure the front exterior photo is captivating.  You may learn a thing or two about how a buyer may view your home by taking a few pictures.  Here are some simple points to consider:

  • Make sure the yard is tidy and free of landscaping structures (hide the Gnomes)
  • Wash the siding, driveway and windows
  • If the driveway has stains, try to remove them
  • Ensure that the lawn is green and trimmed (a good idea for the duration of the listing)
  • All exterior bulbs work ( sometimes photos at dusk can be dramatic)
  • Pull back drapes or window coverings that can be viewed in the photo
  • Move any furniture inside the home that can be seen through the windows that looks out-of-place

Often we notice little things on our show homes that need changing that can make a big difference.  For instance, perhaps an accent that was chosen does not look quite right.  in the pictures below, see if you can identify what we did to improve the appearance of our show home. (hint: there are 5 differences)

NEW photo