GREEN GAS smells good to me!

Gold Seal Homes is excited to partner once again with Bullfrog Power as a source for our renewable energy needs.  Since 2008, Gold Seal has been purchasing ‘green’ power through Bullfrog, and we have now contracted to purchase renewable natural gas through this ground-breaking company.

According to Gary Fredrich-Dunne (Sales & Marketing Manager at Bullfrog Inc.) “Renewable natural gas is sourced from organic material decomposing in landfills and commercial composting facilities.  As it decomposes, it releases methane (natural gas) as part of the natural carbon cycle.  By capturing this “bio-genic methane” you are using a fuel source that is part of the natural carbon cycle, rather than using conventional natural gas, which releases carbon that has long been sequestered underground.  It is for this reason that renewable natural gas is considered ‘net-zero emissions’.”

You can find more detail on the product and process here, or if you have any questions about it.


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