Meet one of our Habitat Families

This weekend I had the pleasure to meet and work with our two families that have been selected for the Carstairs Habitat homes that Gold Seal Master Builder is coordinating on Mackenzie Way in the Havenfields community.  Our first family is a young mother of two:

Amanda has two children, Landon (5) and Emily (3). Amanda is a hometown Carstairs girl who has recently come home from Texas. Her family and friends are overjoyed to have her back home and are excited that she now has the opportunity to provide stability and security for her young children after a difficult few years. Amanda is now on a journey to improve and change her and her children’s lives, and is currently enrolled in a Teacher’s Aide program which she will finish in June.

Amanda lives in fear that she and her children will be homeless as they are currently renting month- to-month and the owners are looking to sell the home. She is unable to afford to move into another rental as her income is limited at this time due to attending school. Amanda volunteers at the local Baptist Church and believes in giving back to the community, believing that that ability to give to others is a wonderful gift to both her and to the people she helps.

The ability to partner with Habitat Mountain View County Chapter in Carstairs is very exciting for Amanda and her family; she is full of gratitude for her family’s new home and is excited to start a new chapter in their lives.


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