Bill and his children are one of our new Habitat families

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a father of four, who will be taking possession of one side of the duplex Gold Seal Homes is building for Habitat for Humanity (Southern Alberta region).  Bill was seen on site all weekend with other volunteers building fences , installing siding and painting walls.  We also had volunteers from our local Lions club and members of the Town of Carstairs staff.

Bill has 5 children, Jasmine (12), Josh (11), Brandon (11), Keira (6) and daughter Paige (4). Paige lives with the family part-time. Bill is a single father from Didsbury that looks forward to providing a stable and secure environment for his children. Bill works for Mountain View County in waste management and looks forward to a career that will see him rise to management one day.

Bill seen here building his fence

The home the family currently lives in is small and in need of repairs, Bill sleeps on the sofa so his girls can have their own room. Bill is concerned about safety for his family as the area they currently reside in is not the safest.

His partnership with Habitat Mountain View County Chapter in Carstairs now has Bill hopeful about his children’s futures and they are all very excited that they will finally realize their dream of having a home they can call their own. The kids look forward to having their own rooms and a play space and look forward to getting a new puppy and friend for their pet turtle Iris, who is named after their great-grandmother. Bill’s family and friends are excited and supportive with this new step on the family’s journey to a brighter and better future.

With the help of Habitat for Humanity, a home will provide this wonderful family with the stability they need to achieve their goals and dreams.


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  1. Great job Murray!

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